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    Introduction This Application Note provides to customers C and Assembler program examples for SPI.

  • Both Master and Slave can exchange data with each other on the rising and falling edge of the clock signal.
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    SPI interface consists of either three or four signals.

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    Since no slave device is physically connected to the master, SSEL should be driven high (does not apply to the LPC213x family).

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  • Example 1 for the SPI Protocol 37 Example 2 for the I2C Protocol 39.
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    If the example code here isn't working, you should check for updated versions on the 40-pin Pi Wedge GitHub Repository.

  • Because of this, pin 10 needs to be configured as an OUTPUT, to avoid conflicts in the operation of the library.
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    The SPI interface provides the user with flexibility to select the rising or falling edge of the clock to sample and/or shift the data.